shopping list–november 2016

The holiday season is upon us! With our recent move, I haven’t had much time to focus on the impending festivities, but I do have a few items in mind for my birthday/Christmas wishlist. I haven’t determined which items to ask Santa for and which items to plan on buying for myself…


red plaid shirt If it seems like I already own quite a few plaid shirts, that’s because I do. I bought one last month, plus I have several gingham versions; just check out my “plaid” tag for proof! That being said, my thrifted red plaid shirt is looking a little faded these days, so it might be time to replace it. I really love the ruffle detail on this one, but it doesn’t seem to be getting favorable reviews. It might be better to go with a more classic version like this one instead.

ivory cable knit sweater Ever since my sister bought me a sweater like this for Christmas a few years ago, I’ve decided that it is a closet staple for me. I wore it all the time during the coldest months of the year. Unfortunately, it started to pill so much that I had to give it up. I found a decent replacement on ThredUp, but it has started to have the same fate. I’m hoping to find a sturdier version that will last more than a season. The one pictured above is technically from the men’s section, but maybe the extra small slim could work?

gold mesh band watch Although I still like my gold boyfriend watch, I don’t wear it all that much these days. Having a clunky watch on my wrist isn’t all that compatible with my lifestyle these days (i.e., changing diapers and chasing around an 11-month-old). I like the sleek look of the mesh band on this Skagen one, but I might end up going the cheaper route with this look-alike.

faux leather backpack I’ve been carrying around my diaper bag every day for the past year, and I’m just about ready to throw it in the back of my closet for good…well, at least until we have another kid 😉 I’d like to try out the backpack trend (is it still a trend? I feel so out of touch these days…) with this one. I like the tassel detail and pretty cognac color!

gray ankle pants I wear ankle pants very regularly to work, and I’m starting to get a bit tired of my black and navy pairs. Why not add some gray into the rotation of neutrals? Banana Republic’s pants generally fit me pretty well, so I might take a chance and order this pair soon (particularly because I have some rewards cash I’m itching to spend).

What are you eyeing this holiday season?


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