old navy review, volume 2

It’s been almost two years since my last “try-on” post, and I happened to have just bought a new full-length mirror for our bedroom…so how about another?

I’m not always a fan of Old Navy’s offerings, but this spring, they’ve had a few items worth trying. They recently had a 40% off promo for cardholders, so I ordered the items you see below.

trench coat in clay mate, $35 (size small)

I mentioned in my most recent shopping list post that I’m in search of a new trench coat. I spotted this one for such a steal, I had to try it. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for–it’s not waterproof (just regular cotton), and the fit leaves something to be desired. Still, it’s a decent quality coat for the price. I also like the striped lining.

Verdict: return


relaxed peplum-hem top in black, $11 (size small)

I just completed another closet purge, and one of the items I banished was my black peplum top. It wasn’t a perfect fit when I bought it, and now that I’ve lost weight and stopped breastfeeding, it’s just all kinds of wonky. Plus, the heavy material limited its use. So now I have that hole in my closet. I like this one with lace trim (that you can’t see in these grainy iPhone photos), but the material is what ruined it for me. It’s pretty scratchy, and I know myself: if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it.

Verdict: return
relaxed peplum-hem tee in white stripe, $12 (size small)

Honestly, the last thing I need is another striped tee, but this one is a little bit different, right? It’s pretty lightweight, so I can see myself wearing this well into spring, despite the long sleeves. This particular color/pattern is sold out online, but you might be able to snag one in stores (for just $7, no less!). My only concern is that the sleeves are a bit tight considering I usually end up rolling up my sleeves during the day. Whether I keep this depends on how the rest of my spending goes this month.

Verdict: maybe


crew-neck tee dress in red stripe, $11 (size small)

I added this to my order because my current red striped dress has shrunk a bit over the past few washes, making it a bit too short for work. I’d love to find a replacement…but sadly, I don’t think this is it. I had read the reviews indicating that this dress runs small, but I veer toward in extra-small in Old Navy’s sizing, so I thought a small would be safe. It fits, but it’s definitely more “body-con” than any of my other tee-shirt dresses. I also think the tall sizing might have been better to get a bit of added length. Finally, the color is not the true, cherry red I want–it leans toward orange-y red.

Verdict: return

So this order turned out to be a bit of a bust, but at least it gave me something to blog about. What would you keep?


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