may 2017 budget

May was kind of a weird shopping month for me. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind…so I didn’t shop. Totally out of character, I know. It got to be as late as last week, and my expenditures totaled ZERO. Then a few good sales happened, and well, here we are. Details below!

the keepers

embroidered top {Mindy Mae’s Market} $34 ($40 + 15% off coupon code) I’ve been lusting after this Madewell top for months, but it sells out frequently…and doesn’t seem to go on sale. I happened to catch an Instagram post from Mindy Mae’s announcing a 15% off coupon code and spotted this look-alike top. The fit isn’t perfect, but it’s acceptable for a trendy, casual top. Plus, there’s plenty of room so that I could wear it as a maternity top in the future. I wore it to my nephew’s birthday party with some jean shorts and sandals and received a few compliments 🙂

banks sunglasses in striped sassafras {Warby Parker} $95 (retail price) If you have a really good memory, you might recall that my husband gave me this exact style of sunglasses in the “sea smoke tortoise” color a long time ago. They’ve held up so well to constant use that I decided to invest in a brown-toned pair from WP (to wear with all the cognac in my shoe wardrobe!). I really like the shape of my Banks pair, so I just decided to go with that! Boring? Perhaps, but I knew I’d love them!

black shorts {J.Crew Factory} $5 ($34.50 on sale for $14.50 + $10 off with coupon) Nothing exciting here–just a pair of black shorts that actually fits me.

red striped skirt {J.Crew Factory} $25 ($79.50 on sale for $39.50 + $15 off with coupon) Another “multiple” purchase here–I bought the navy version last year and wore it all the time (see here!). It’s lightweight and a work-appropriate length, which makes it perfect for my summer wardrobe.

navy dot tee {J.Crew Factory} $0 ($39.50 on clearance for $24.99 + $25 gift card) I had been eyeing this tee for a while, and since I was already ordering the two items above, I added it to my cart to qualify for a promo. I was a little concerned it would be too small, as the only size left was XS, but it is surprisingly roomy. I have quite a collection of the, err, Collector tees now–there’s always a style or two to add some whimsy to my more casual outfits.

the returns

No returns!

the extras

Technically, I guess the dot tee pictured above is a freebie since I used a gift card to pay for it, but other than that, no extras.

May 2017 total: $159

2017 total: $725

Remaining budget: $1275

In case the lack of posting here hasn’t clued you in, clothes haven’t been at the forefront of my mind lately. I’m OK with that. I have an adequate wardrobe to serve my current lifestyle well, and I don’t have as much free time to shop online (or in store–who has time for that?!). I think the sunglasses will be in constant rotation throughout the year, and the JCF purchases will be good summer staples. The embroidered top was more of a fun, “just because” purchase, but I’m willing to bet that I’ll end up wearing it often in the coming months.

I never got around to writing up my usual, bimonthly “wishlist” post this month. The only thing I really need right now are comfortable sandals that can be worn with shorts or dresses/skirts without looking too stodgy. I am tempted by these and these.

What did you buy in May?

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4 thoughts on “may 2017 budget

  1. One of the things I love is that all of these pieces work together, you could probably do a capsule and it would last you at least a week of looks. Oh and I’ve had that happen: zero purchases and then… everything you love seems to go on sale ! the rest, we know, is history 😉


  2. I just ordered that striped skirt (in navy) and I’ve been having such a hard time deciding if I should keep it or not! I think you may have pushed me over though and I think I may have to keep it. It’s just so cute.

    (Coming over from Fran’s budgeting link up)



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