july 2017 budget

As is my habit during this time of year, I’ve been wanting to shop much more frequently. My shopping mojo has been a bit diminished thus far this year, but now it’s back with a vengeance. As you’ll see below, I ended up buying several less expensive items (with one exception). Scroll down for details!

the keepers

red button detail top {Loft} $27 ($44.50 + 40% off promotion) If you’ve been following along on this Take One, Pass It On challenge, you might have noticed that I wear quite a bit of red. It’s probably my favorite accent color these days, so having a nice blouse in this cheery shade of red seemed like a good idea.

tan sandal clogs {Lotta from Stockholm} $76 (full price) I’ve been lusting after a pair of clog sandals for a while, and I finally decided to try this brand; it seemed to balance quality with reasonable prices. I love the look, but I’ll admit, they’re not all that comfortable. I’m hoping the leather just needs to stretch a bit–perhaps I should try walking around the house in them with thick socks? I’ve worn them throughout the TOPIO challenge here, here, and here.

striped tee dress {H&M} $18 (full price) As I mentioned in my last budget post, my old striped t-shirt dress was not even fit to be donated–I had to trash that thing after pregnancy. This one is an awesome replacement–lightweight, not too short, and just the right width of stripes. I can’t decide if the stripes are black or just really dark navy. I figure it will read either way, depending on what accessories I pair with it. Two dresses in one! See how I wore it here.

embroidered top {Forever 21} $28 (full price) A classic, blue and white embroidered top has been on my wishlist since last summer. I really liked this one, but it never went on sale, and my size was never in stock. I spotted this one at Forever 21 of all places, and it was exactly what I was looking for, style-wise. The fit is quite, um, voluminous, and a smidge short. I think that’s intentional, and it makes it super breezy for hot summer days. It will look so cute with jean shorts and tan sandals!

olive dress {Amazon} $18 (full price) I ordered this after Audrey mentioned it a couple times. I draw a lot of inspiration from her style, and I trust her judgment when it comes to the quality of pieces, so I gave it a go. Olive is definitely one of my favorite neutrals, so I can imagine about a thousand different ways to wear it. I’ve already worn it twice in the TOPIO challenge, here and here.

denim shorts {Abercrombie & Fitch} $12 ($54 marked down to $16 + 25% off coupon) H&M, Forever 21, Abercrombie?! Who am I? I didn’t even shop at A&F in high school. As it turns out, they have some pretty decent prices on summer basics, including these lighter wash midi shorts. I wear my other pair of denim shorts constantly in the summertime, so I thought another wash might be nice to add into rotation.

gold paddle necklace {Target} $16 ($16.99 + 5% REDcard discount) This was another purchase inspired by Audrey. It’s a bit more of a statement than I typically make with the jewelry I wear, but I still like it. I think it would be such an easy way to dress up all the simple blouses I wear.

the returns


the extras

I ordered a few things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that haven’t arrived yet. If I keep them, I’ll add them to next month’s budget post, although I’m contemplating making one of the items a special gift to myself for finishing up data collection for my dissertation 🙂

July 2017 total: $194

2017 total: $998

Remaining budget: $1002

I shopped at several places this month that are out of the norm for me. Unfortunately, most of them fall under the category of “fast fashion” and thus, I really don’t feel great about purchasing from them. Hopefully, the items I bought will last at least until next summer. I can already tell that I’ll wear the two dresses I bought several more times before this summer is done!

August is looking like it will be another spendy month, as I still have my eye on quite a few things. I recently did a closet purge and got rid of several items that were too worn to be professional anymore, including my beloved gray dress. So now I’m on the hunt for a new one. I would also like to find a black knit blazer (like this one), as my black blazer is wool and thus not very practical for any season except winter around here. Black jeans and a gray moto jacket are also on my wishlist (<–I should do another one of those posts again soon!).

What did you buy in July?


4 thoughts on “july 2017 budget

  1. I would suggest a different clog maybe a better seams. I have a few examples I will send you later that my friends swear by and say are most comfortable.


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