take one, pass it on 2017: final recap

Another month of re-mixing is done! Throughout the course of July, I thought of new ways to wear 30 different items in my wardrobe. Here’s the list:

A few things I’ve gleaned from this year’s TOPIO challenge (in addition to last year’s insights):

I’ve subconsciously created a wardrobe color palette. Take a look at the collages above, and you’ll notice that olive is by far my favorite neutral these days, along with black and tan. As for accent colors, I gravitate toward reds and the occasional yellow or pink. I used to strive to wear different, bright colors every day, but now I’m OK with wearing similar colors on a daily basis. I actually quite enjoy that my wardrobe is mostly cohesive at this point. Here’s what I envision my closet color palette looking like for the time being:

I’ve streamlined the outfit planning process. I mentioned in the last go-around that outfit planning saves so much time–and I stand by that statement! This time, I found a few tools to help with that process. First, I now use the Stylebook app to help me visualize all of my options in a convenient format. Second, I started using the garment rack that my husband gave me for Christmas. I hang my outfits for the week on the rack, including shoes and accessories (see it in action here!). Again, this helps me visualize my outfits, but it also saves me time getting dressed. Plus, I just like the feeling of having everything ready and waiting for me 🙂

I should do a style challenge in a different season. Choosing to do a second TOPIO challenge in the middle of the summer was a poor decision. I found it a little repetitive to try to remix my summer wardrobe in new and interesting ways, considering I still regularly wear most of the items I incorporated into last year’s challenge. I’m thinking I might try to do a similar challenge this fall (maybe 30 x 30? another TOPIO?) to try to show some love for my cooler weather clothes.

Thanks again for those of you who followed along!


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