wishlist, august 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve compiled one of these wishlist posts, mostly because I wasn’t all that interested in shopping for most of 2017. But now it seems things have changed—as usual, I am delighted by all the fall offerings popping up in stores. Accordingly, I’ve got a few items I’d like to add to my closet in the next few months. Details below!

gray suede moto jacket

I would have liked to have snagged this jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but alas, it was one of those items that seemed to sell out well before we plebeian non-cardholders gained access to the sale. There seem to be a few similar items out there (like this jacket), so I’m hoping I can find something before the cooler weather hits.

navy bag

I wear navy blue with some regularity these days, and it would be nice to have a bag that coordinated. In the past, I’ve carried an adequate Target bag, but I’ve got my eye on this Cole Haan tote. I’m not sure I’m ready to drop that much money on a bag that won’t necessarily get constant use though.

black knit blazer

I used to own a wonderfully versatile black ponte blazer (see it here), but as with most Target items, it started to deteriorate after about a year of wear. Ever since then, I’ve been making do with a wool Schoolboy blazer from J.Crew, but that’s really not ideal for the weather during most of the year in Alabama. I’m hoping to give this knit blazer a try as a lighter weight option with a slightly more casual feel. If it works out, I might consider getting some other colors too…

gray dress

My beloved gray quilted dress was recently relegated to the donate pile, as it had some pilling. I’d love to find a similar replacement that could easily be layered. Clearly, I’m on a gray kick lately!


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