the white pants equation

I’d like to say that I live such a neat and tidy life that white pants could be worn on any given day…but that would be a lie. In reality, the decision to wear the pants I have on in today’s look requires many conditions to be met: 1) it has to be a weekday (i.e., a day when Caleb is in daycare most of the day–that kid can stain anything), 2) I can’t have a trip to the grocery store planned (I inevitably end up with marks from leaning against the car while unloading bags), and 3) there’s no rain in the forecast (mud is not a friend to white pants, at least in my experience).

Fortunately, the stars aligned on this particular day so that I could wear my white pants. I even made it as late as 5pm in keeping my pants clean–the streak ended when I picked up Caleb at school, and dirty toddler sneakers came in contact with my pristine pants. Thank goodness for OxiClean!

black blouse: Loft via ThredUp, similar, similar // white ankle pants: Michael Kors, same style in different color, similar // two tone wedge sandals: b.o.c., similar, similar // reversible tote: exact, similar // gold fringe necklace: Francesca’s, exact, similar


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