keep, sell, or donate?

In an effort to maintain a reasonably sized wardrobe and also indulge in shopping as a hobby, I am perpetually playing a game of keep, sell, or donate–and two items in this look are being called into question.

First, the denim jacket: I bought it over a year and a half ago, and have worn it several times (see them here, here, here, here, here), but I’m not sure it’s the ideal denim jacket. It’s a smidge too big, which is nice for the rare occasion I need to layer a sweater underneath, but otherwise just annoying. I also kind of wish it was either a little lighter in its wash (like this one I used to have–why did I ever get rid of that?!) or a little darker. The mid-wash is somewhat more difficult to style sometimes. I like it, it’s just not perfect for me. I have it listed on Poshmark, so I guess it’s in the “sell” category for now.

Second is the skirt I’m wearing. It’s unlike anything in my closet, which is good in the sense that it adds some interest to my wardrobe. However, it makes my wardrobe a little less cohesive, and I can’t think of a lot of different ways to wear it (I’ve worn it once before on the blog here). Ultimately, I think I like its kaleidoscopic effect enough to keep it for now…I mean, it does have pockets, after all.

white tee: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // blue and white print skirt: Joe Fresh, similar, similar // denim jacket: J.Crew Factory, same style in a different wash, similar // brown wedge sandals: b.o.c., similar, similar // cognac leather strap watch: Wristology, exact, similar


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