september 2017 budget

Wait, wasn’t it just Labor Day? I can’t believe September is already drawing to a close. Even though it seemed like a short month, I still managed to do plenty of buying (and returning). Once again, it’s mostly fall items–I’m still holding out hope that it will actually come this year…

the keepers

gingham blouse {J.Crew via Poshmark} $20 (retailed for $110) This probably sounds ridiculously specific, but I’ve been looking for a professional, warm weather blouse in black gingham. There was a lot of black gingham to be found in stores this summer, but most of those items had cold shoulders, bell sleeves, or other trends I don’t like (no offense to those who like them–they’re just not “me!”). I took a chance on this lovely silk top I spotted on Poshmark, and I really like it. Some Googling indicates that it might in fact be dark navy and not black in the pattern, but I think it reads black. Good purchase! See how I wore it here.

faux leather jacket {Express via eBay} $32 (retails for $128) Technically, I already own a (genuine) leather jacket that I bought via consignment a while ago, but it’s a smidge big, which is great for layering, but not so great when I want a more form-fitting silhouette. This jacket from Express seems to get rave reviews, but the price tag was a bit hefty for my taste. I set up a search for the jacket on eBay, and eventually one popped up, new with tags and in my size. Score! Can’t wait to wear it.

twill field jacket {Old Navy} $24 ($44.99, on sale for $36 + extra 20% off + $5 rewards cash) I mentioned this piece in my last budget post, and ultimately I decided to keep it. I think it’s different enough from my J.Crew utility jacket (this one) that I can justify keeping it, and as I mentioned last week, I wear a lot of olive green! Plus, I got a pretty fantastic deal on it.

denim jacket {Old Navy} $23 ($35 + extra 20% off + $5 rewards cash) A few weeks ago, I mentioned my denim jacket dilemma. I’m just not loving my J.Crew one anymore. It’s still in perfect condition (for sale here!), but the fit and fabric are not so perfect for me. This one, however, is a great fit, wonderfully comfy/stretchy, and a very versatile shade of blue. See how I wore it here and here.

olive tee {Banana Republic Factory} $13 ($36.99 on sale for $14.99 + extra 10% off) My mom and I took an impromptu trip to the outlets last weekend, and the only thing I bought for myself was this tee. I’ve proclaimed my undying love for the LuxeTouch tee about a thousand times, but just to re-iterate–I LOVE THEM. So when I spotted one in my beloved olive green,  snatched it up…and may have contemplated buying an extra one as a back-up.

gray dress {A New Day via Target} $24 ($24.99 + 5% REDcard discount) After waiting a few weeks for a good promotion (to no avail), I finally ordered a few of the A New Day items I had been eyeing. I’ve been on the hunt for a gray dress for a month or two now, and this one seems to fit the bill. The fabric is definitely better quality than the Old Navy sheath I tried, but I’m not kidding myself into thinking that I’ll own this dress forever. The fit is nice and flattering, and I think I’ll easily be able to layer underneath it in the winter.

the returns

OK, hold on tight–there’s a lot of returns to mention here! First, I returned the black jeans I bought last month from the #NSale. I decided they were just a tad too small, and I also found my old pair of black jeans in storage, so I didn’t really need them anyway. I am considering ordering the same jeans in a different wash and the next size up. I also tried this denim jacket from Old Navy, but I didn’t like the wash as much as the one I mentioned above. I still think having a dark wash denim jacket could be useful for my current lifestyle, but this wasn’t it. Gap Factory had a great sale a few weeks ago, so I tried a few pairs of their “slim city pants“…and they looked terrible on me. Finally, as I mentioned above, I tried a few items from the A New Day line. This peplum top was just really wide and a little short on me, and I’m undecided on this denim shirtdress. I would prefer that it didn’t have pockets on the chest, but otherwise it’s acceptable.

the extras

I sold my camel blazer and used the funds to buy the same item in my current size. Because I returned those black jeans from last month’s budget, I used that money to buy this olive dress (my Amazon one, seen here, is already falling apart!).

September total: $136

2017 total: $1338

Remaining budget: $662

Whew, this was a long one–congrats if you’re still reading. I would say this was a sensible shopping month in terms of the items I ended up keeping. No frivolous accessories purchased this time around. The denim jacket and olive tee will for sure be worn non-stop, and I’m confident the rest will be useful later in the fall as well.

As for next month, I’m hoping to try out these jeans and maybe these pants in the burgundy and the olive (if only my size would be re-stocked!). This dress has also piqued my interest of late…but what color??

What did you buy in September?

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