common threads challenge: my pieces

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I will be participating in something called the Common Threads Challenge for the month of October. You can read the details here, but the gist is this: pick 5 pieces from your wardrobe and incorporate at least one of them into each of your outfits for the month of October. It seems lot less stress-inducing than a seasonal capsule wardrobe or a 30 x 30, but still facilitates lots of wardrobe re-mixing.

Anyway, for this first day of October, I thought I would share which five pieces I’ve chosen for the challenge:

olive tee (exact): I just bought this a few weeks ago, so I’m excited to get creative with how I wear it. I think it will be easy to dress up (with a skirt) for work or down (with jeans) on the weekends.

chambray shirt (exact): Even though I wear my chambray shirt constantly, I keep thinking of new ways to wear it. It’s about as basic as it comes, so that’s not exactly a surprise!

black knit blazer (similar): I bought this blazer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it hasn’t been cool enough to wear it yet. I’m hoping that fall will finally arrive this month, so layering season can begin. If not…well then, I guess I’ll be that sweaty girl in the corner wearing a blazer.

burgundy skirt (similar): This skirt has actually been in my closet for a while, but due to the weight fluctuations associated with pregnancy and then breastfeeding, I haven’t been able to wear it until relatively recently. So, I’ve had a few years to think of a few outfits!

cognac booties (almost exact): I love these booties, and I’ve worn them several times on the blog before. That being said, I just don’t reach for boots as often as I would like in the fall and winter months–I tend to gravitate toward flats. Looking forward to giving these some love.

Now it’s your turn–which 5 pieces would you choose to “re-mix” for fall?


11 thoughts on “common threads challenge: my pieces

  1. You are the first person I’ve met to say they gravitate toward flats in the fall/winter. I usually hear that in the spring and summer. You are the opposite of most! Lol. Most of my friends are really into high heel booties this fall and are wearing them every day and that’s saying a lot because on of my friends has a two year old son she has to deal with! If she can do it with a crazy toddler anyone can!


  2. Love that you gravitated towards Fall colors and I think you chose some great basics. One can do so much with a classic black blazer, cognac booties, olive tee and chambray shirt. I am looking forward to seeing you style every outfit and FYI Caroline, I run a successful style linkup every Thursday and I’d love for you to join it and mett more fashionistas and vice versa. Thank you. =)


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