wishlist, november 2017

Hello again, blog friends! It’s been awhile since my last post–I found that I needed a bit of time away from the camera after the Common Threads Challenge came to a close. I’m back to taking outfit photos though, so stay tuned for those in the coming week, but today I wanted to share my annual birthday/Christmas wishlist. This year is a “milestone birthday” for me, so I feel like I should be asking for something “big,” but I can’t say that I really have my heart set on anything in particular. That being said, there a few moderately priced items that have struck my fancy lately…

little black dress Truthfully, I already own two black dresses (here and here), but both are sleeveless. I would love to have one with sleeves so that it would be better suited to the cooler months. I had bookmarked this one, but it appears to be sold out for good. I also like this one with a covered button detail on the shoulder, but the reviews are only mediocre. This fit and flare style would be flattering, but it’s not all that interesting. I’d love to find one in time for the holiday season!

black and tan watch In case you haven’t noticed, I wear black and tan together…a lot. I also tend to wear a watch on a daily basis, which presents the dilemma: which color watch to wear? I know; it’s such a stressful decision. I’ve been thinking it might be nice to have a watch with both black and tan together, particularly one with a trendy black dial. This unisex one is appealing, and I’ve also considered making my own on the Wristology website. If I wanted to go the price route, I love this Daniel Wellington beauty.

camel coat The camel coat currently in my closet is from Gap, circa 2004, and I stole it from my sister’s closet about 10 years ago. It has served me well over the past several years, but it’s starting to show its age. So, I’ve admitted it’s time for a replacement, and I really like this J.Crew Factory option. My mom has it in the green color (and she looks beautiful in it!), so I’m familiar with the quality and cut. It’s expensive at full price, but of course JCF has crazy good sales, particularly at this time of year!

What are you asking Santa for this year?


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