december 2017 budget

Hello all! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Now that the New Year is almost here, it means that I’ve got another shopping update to share! Here’s what came home with me in December:

the keepers

buffalo plaid skirt {J.Crew Factory} $45 ($74.50 + 40% off sale) As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been eyeing this skirt for a while, and I finally decided to go for it when it was on sale for 40% off + free shipping. Sadly, it’s now sold out, but you might be able to find it on the clearance rack in some stores. I have all these outfit ideas for it, but it wasn’t exactly weather appropriate for much of the holiday season (wool seems a bit much for 60 degrees, right?). So I have plans to wear it to work beyond December…buffalo plaid is not just for Christmas, in my mind. See it here.

black dress {J.Crew Factory} $36 ($89.50 + 50% off sale + 20% off coupon) I’ve been on the hunt for a simple black dress, and this one seems to fit the bill. It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s comfortable and fits me well. I actually wore it to church on Christmas Eve with a sparkly necklace and some red pumps.

gold leaves necklace {J.Crew Factory} $20 ($49.50 + 50% off sale + 20% off coupon) I don’t wear much jewelry, but this necklace struck my fancy. I think I like that it is simple but still interesting. Here’s hoping it doesn’t just gather dust on my vanity.

ivory pom hat {J.Crew Factory} $16 ($39.50 + 60% off sale) This is the last JCF item, I promise! When we had our snow storm a few weeks ago, I realized that I don’t really have much in the way of winter hats and gloves. This one is very much in line with my current aesthetic, and it made a good stocking stuffer (from me, to me!).

two tone clutch {BP via Nordstrom} $15 ($25 + 40% off) I was so impressed with the BP clutch I bought last month that I decided to buy this versatile two-tone version. Considering how often I wear brown + black together, it seems like it well get good use. While it would be great for date nights and such, I’m also thinking of using it as a way to organize my (pocketless) tote bag–I hate having to dig for ten minutes to find my keys!

pearl cuff bracelet {Banana Republic} $12 ($48 + 40% off + $15 reward + extra 10% off) BR has lots of adorable pearl-embellished items right now, including jewelry. I love the simple elegance of this bracelet…and that I got it for such a steal.

Nike Tanjun sneakers {Macy’s} $49 ($65 + 25% off) Truth be told, I end up wearing sneakers much of the time on the weekends. But, I really don’t like to put extra mileage on my actual running shoes–gotta make them last as long as possible! So I decided to try out Nike Tanjuns as my non-running sneakers. As it turns out, Nikes are excluded from pretty much every promo in every store, but Macy’s randomly had these marked down by 25% a few weekends ago. They are really comfortable, but I’ve only had the chance to wear them around the house thus far.

the returns

The only thing I returned this month was this tulle-cuff tee. It was overall too big, and the sleeves seemed like an odd length. I could have tried a smaller size, but it seemed like a pretty seasonal item anyway. I’m not sure I would wear it at any time other than the holidays.

the extras

As I’ve mentioned approximately a thousand times lately, my birthday was this month, so there are a few extras to report this month. First, my mom got me this lovely camel coat (the same one I mentioned in my wishlist). My parents also got me this fun pink vest for Christmas (bringing my vest count to about 600), and I used some birthday money to buy this watch. I also have some gift cards to J.Crew, Target, and TJMaxx, but I haven’t found anything I’d like to buy…yet.

December total: $191

2017 total: $1966

Remaining budget: $34

Generally, I think all of December’s purchases were wise ones. I’m a little concerned that the Nikes won’t be worth the price, but we shall see. Perhaps I’ll embrace the athleisure trend?

Keep an eye out over the next few days for a year-end budget re-cap!

What did you buy in December?


2 thoughts on “december 2017 budget

  1. Nice purchases this month! Please don’t start doing the athleasure thjng. You dress amazing right now and I think the athleasure trend is kind of just dressing lazing in my opinion. I think that stuff should be left for he house or the gym.


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