Hello, and welcome to Tasteful Style! I started this blog in the summer of 2013, just as I was preparing to start a new phase in my life as a dietetic intern (i.e., a registered dietitian in training). This experience required establishing a professional wardrobe from scratch–my beloved colorful shorts and comfy sandals were not exactly hospital-appropriate! After perusing personal style blogs for inspiration, I decided to create my own corner of the internet where I could share my fashion ideas, inspirations, and dilemmas.

About the Author

My name is Caroline, and I live Birmingham, AL. I am happily married to my husband Seth,  who is a research physicist (and yes, we watch Big Bang Theory all the time!). We have two spunky-sweet Jack Russell Terriers named Margot and Dexter that I treat like my children.


After completing the aforementioned dietetic internship, I am now a registered dietitian (RD). Currently, I am working to complete a PhD in nutrition sciences, which means I spend my time either in the classroom or conducting research in a clinical setting.

“Tasteful Style”

The title “Tasteful Style” refers to my background in nutrition and cooking. In fact, I have another blog called The Broccoli Hut devoted to food and nutrition.


If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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