common threads challenge: week 1

It’s been awhile since I last posted! My husband accidentally broke my tripod (not really sure how–I just know that the pressure washer was involved…), and I’m entering into serious writing season for my PhD; the combination of the two has put blogging on the back-burner. All that being said, I am still participating in the Common Threads Challenge, and I wanted to be sure to share my first few outfits with you.

Monday: olive tee

olive tee: Banana Republic Factory, exact // black skinny jeans: Loft, similar // black leather flats: BCBGeneration, similar // leopard scarf: Joe Fresh, similar

To be honest, I really wanted to copy this exact outfit, but I decided I should try to put my own spin on it. Plus, I was just really in the mood to wear a scarf! Olive + leopard is definitely a go-to around here.

Tuesday: burgundy skirt

black stripe 3/4 sleeve tee: Merona, similar // burgundy skirt: Loft, similar // black leather flats: BCBGeneration, similar // black leather strap watch: Kate Spade, exact // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker Banks, similar

I think this look is the winner of the week. I say that because a stranger stopped me on my way in to work and said, “You look cute!” I almost wish that I had a neck scarf or something to give the outfit a little French girl flair.

Wednesday: chambray shirt

chambray shirt: J.Crew, exact // mustard jeans: Loft, similar // two tone wedge sandals: b.o.c., similar // reversible tote: Street Level, exact // cognac leather strap watch: Wristology, exact

I’ve actually worn some version of this outfit several times, although I most often wear it with my striped chambray popover. I was tempted to wear my cognac booties with this outfit, but ultimately decided I would go one CTC item at a time, at least for this first week.

Thursday: black knit blazer

black knit blazer: Caslon, similar // spotted blouse: Loft, similar // olive pants: Banana Republic, similar // black wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker Banks, similar

I’ve had this pin sitting on my “must re-create” list for a long time now. I finally got around to it, but I’m not so excited about the end result. For starters, why does my blazer look lopsided?! And perhaps I should have left the top untucked. Oh, well.

Friday: cognac booties

plum tee: Banana Republic Factory, similar // ivory cardigan: Merona, similar // skinny jeans: BP, similar // gold pendant necklace: J.Crew, similar // cognac booties: Jessica Simpson, almost exact

Let me just be honest and say that this outfit was completely weather inappropriate. The day started off cool, but by mid-day, it was up to the 80s–not exactly sweater and bootie temps. This sweater is gigantic (and hence, not very flattering), partially because I bought it when I was pregnant two years ago…but I think I love it a little more just because it’s so over-sized.

This first week hasn’t been too difficult–we’re just beginning with our five pieces! That being said, I think the item I’ll have the most trouble re-wearing is the burgundy skirt. Any suggestions are welcome…


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common threads challenge: my pieces

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I will be participating in something called the Common Threads Challenge for the month of October. You can read the details here, but the gist is this: pick 5 pieces from your wardrobe and incorporate at least one of them into each of your outfits for the month of October. It seems lot less stress-inducing than a seasonal capsule wardrobe or a 30 x 30, but still facilitates lots of wardrobe re-mixing.

Anyway, for this first day of October, I thought I would share which five pieces I’ve chosen for the challenge:

olive tee (exact): I just bought this a few weeks ago, so I’m excited to get creative with how I wear it. I think it will be easy to dress up (with a skirt) for work or down (with jeans) on the weekends.

chambray shirt (exact): Even though I wear my chambray shirt constantly, I keep thinking of new ways to wear it. It’s about as basic as it comes, so that’s not exactly a surprise!

black knit blazer (similar): I bought this blazer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it hasn’t been cool enough to wear it yet. I’m hoping that fall will finally arrive this month, so layering season can begin. If not…well then, I guess I’ll be that sweaty girl in the corner wearing a blazer.

burgundy skirt (similar): This skirt has actually been in my closet for a while, but due to the weight fluctuations associated with pregnancy and then breastfeeding, I haven’t been able to wear it until relatively recently. So, I’ve had a few years to think of a few outfits!

cognac booties (almost exact): I love these booties, and I’ve worn them several times on the blog before. That being said, I just don’t reach for boots as often as I would like in the fall and winter months–I tend to gravitate toward flats. Looking forward to giving these some love.

Now it’s your turn–which 5 pieces would you choose to “re-mix” for fall?

common threads challenge

As I mentioned when I was wrapping up my most recent Take One, Pass It On series, I’ve been interested in participating in some sort of closet remixing for the fall. Coincidentally, Alex from The Cheerful Closet graciously invited me to take part in something we’re calling the Common Threads Challenge. Here’s the deal:

I have teamed up with five other bloggers to create a brand-new wardrobe remix concept called the Common Threads Challenge. During the month of October, we will be taking on this new challenge together and we would LOVE for you to join us!



  • Choose five specific pieces from your closet –for example, one pair of shoes, one blazer, one skirt, one dress, and one blouse. Try not to choose multiple items in the same category (e.g. two pairs of shoes, two shirts, etc.)
  • For the duration of the challenge, at least one of those pieces must be used in every single outfit. The rest of your closet is fair game!
  • Instead of limiting your options to a small segment of your closet like you would for a normal remix, the goal is to really stretch your creativity in how those five pieces. Document your daily outfits to keep track of the different ways you wear each of your pieces!

How to Participate:

This challenge is open to EVERYONE, not just bloggers! Our vision is to create a community where we can support each other in our goal to make the most out of the closet we already have! Here are some ways you can participate:

  • For the bloggers out there, we will have a weekly linkup that goes live on each of our blogs every Wednesday during the challenge.  You can post a weekly recap on your blogs each week, and link up those recaps!
  • We have opened a private Facebook group for challenge participants to provide support and encouragement to each other! We want to see your daily outfits, ideas for remixing your pieces, or any questions or trouble you’re having! Join the group here.
  • Share your looks with us on Instagram using the hashtag #commonthreadschallenge!

The challenge will formally begin on Sunday, October 1. Our first linkup will be held on Wednesday, October 4 where we will be sharing the pieces we chose for the challenge. We will continue with weekly outfit recaps each Wednesday and wrap up with our final linkup on Wednesday, November 1!