December 2015 Outfits

Happy New Year to all! I’m a tad late in posting this, but I wanted to be sure to post a quick “month in review” post for December. As you might have noticed, things have been pretty quiet here on the blog for the past few weeks thanks to Caleb’s arrival. Accordingly, I don’t have too many outfits to review for December, but here’s a glimpse at the looks I did manage to share with you.

december 2015

I won’t choose winners and losers this month, a) because I have so few looks to share in the first place and b) because I was ~9 months pregnant in all but one of these photos–I didn’t particularly like the way I looked or felt in any of them!

As I mentioned in my most recent budget post, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to “dress up” much for the holidays this year. As much as I would have loved to put on some sequins for New Year’s Eve last night, I thought it would have been a bit much considering I spent the evening on the couch, binge-watching The Office on Netflix. That pretty much sums up the holiday season for us this year. Of course Christmas does come around every year, so I’ll be sure to glitz it up in 2016.

If you’d like to peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to December 2015.


weekend favorite

DSC_6204Today’s outfit is actually one I’ve probably worn at least five times over the course of the past few months. I tend to settle into lazy girl mode during the weekends and skip outfit pictures, which is why this is the first time it has shown up here on the blog. Now that we’re entering the final countdown of this pregnancy (!), I figured now is as good a time as any to finally show it to you here in blog-land.

DSC_6188Clearly, it’s not the most exciting outfit, but it has continued to be comfortable throughout both the second and third trimesters, which makes it a big winner in my book.

DSC_6193And because we’re so close to my due date, here’s one last bump picture. This photo was taken at 38 weeks + 4 days, although I’m currently 39 weeks + 4 days. We can’t wait to meet our baby boy!


floral sweatshirt: Matty M, similar, non-maternity // skinny jeans: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // cognac ankle boots: Jessica Simpson, similar, similar, similar // horn watch: Michael Kors, exact, similar

^Taken at 38 weeks

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the windowpane scarf

DSC_6136At risk of sounding like a blogger cliche…I’m just really excited about finally being able to wear my blanket scarves. As I may have mentioned about a thousand times this fall, it’s been quite warm down here in Dixie, so the idea of wrapping a blanket around my neck has been out of the question until relatively recently.

DSC_6124We had a chilly day last week, so I decided to seize the opportunity to wear one of my new(ish) blanket scarves–specifically, my cozy windowpane scarf. Honestly, this scarf is so large that I would have liked to try wearing it as a poncho, but I’m afraid that might have to wait until I’m not pregnant anymore. I tried it out, and I looked like the abominable snowman. #notcute

DSC_6153This outfit was sorely lacking for color, so I added some red pumps at the last minute!


gray tunic tee: Liz Lange for Target, similar, non-maternity // skinny jeans: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // red pumps: MICHAEL by Michael Kors, exact, similar // windowpane scarf: Old Navy, similar, similar // black satchel: Phillip Lim for Target, similar, similar // two tone watch: Michael Kors, exact, similar

^Taken at 37 weeks

holiday classics

DSC_6000Typically, my Thanksgiving outfits are centered around comfortable clothing (gotta make room for all that turkey!), but that was especially the case this year due to the fact that I was 37 weeks pregnant for the occasion. Oof.

DSC_5987Initially, I hadn’t planned on taking any outfit photos for that day, but after the parade was over, I found myself with some spare time, so here ya go. This is my very comfy, very classic Thanksgiving outfit…two weeks later 🙂 A button front shirt and pearl studs are appropriate for pretty much any occasion in my book!


blue button up shirt: Lands’ End, exact, non-maternity // skinny jeans: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // cognac ankle boots: Jessica Simpson via Amazon, similar, similar // gold watch: Fossil via Belk, exact, similar // pearl stud earrings: gift, similar, similar

^Taken at 37 weeks