December 2015 Outfits

Happy New Year to all! I’m a tad late in posting this, but I wanted to be sure to post a quick “month in review” post for December. As you might have noticed, things have been pretty quiet here on the blog for the past few weeks thanks to Caleb’s arrival. Accordingly, I don’t have too many outfits to review for December, but here’s a glimpse at the looks I did manage to share with you.

december 2015

I won’t choose winners and losers this month, a) because I have so few looks to share in the first place and b) because I was ~9 months pregnant in all but one of these photos–I didn’t particularly like the way I looked or felt in any of them!

As I mentioned in my most recent budget post, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to “dress up” much for the holidays this year. As much as I would have loved to put on some sequins for New Year’s Eve last night, I thought it would have been a bit much considering I spent the evening on the couch, binge-watching The Office on Netflix. That pretty much sums up the holiday season for us this year. Of course Christmas does come around every year, so I’ll be sure to glitz it up in 2016.

If you’d like to peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to December 2015.


November 2015 Outfits

Good morning, all! I hope those of you in the US had a fantastic holiday weekend. Here we are at the end of another month, which means it’s time for another re-cap of outfits.

november 2015

Winners: #1, #5

Losers: none?

This past month, I published 12 outfit blog posts. As I mentioned last month, my outfit creativity has continued to wane the further along I get in this pregnancy. Fortunately, I’ve only got a few more weeks left until Baby C arrives (!), so maybe I’ll be a bit more prolific and creative in December. (Who am I kidding? I’m guessing the whole “having a newborn” thing will make blogging a bit difficult!).

I actually didn’t dislike any of my outfits this month, so I guess that’s a small win. I pretty much lived in my skinny jeans in November; my weekend (non-blogged) outfits involved leggings most of the time. So basically, my options for pants are pretty limited at the moment. Suffice it to say, I can’t wait to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again in the new year!

If you’d like to peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to November 2015.

October 2015 Outfits

Another month over already! Here’s a look at the outfits I’ve posted in October:

PicMonkey CollageWinners: #1, #3, #13 

Losers: #2, #5

This month, I managed to publish a total of 13 outfits. To be honest, my blogging “mojo” is starting to dwindle a bit. The bigger I get, the fewer wardrobe options I have…which makes getting dressed a bit of a bummer sometimes. Perhaps I should add another genre of blog posts? Any suggestions are welcome!

As for any themes this month, I suppose I started relying on my maternity jeans and olive pants a bit more. I’ve reached a point in my pregnancy at which under-the-belly pants are no longer comfortable; I really need the full panel for this last trimester. I’m also getting good use out of my scarf collection these days. It might sound silly, but I feel like adding that extra fabric to my front helps me feel a little less self-conscious about my belly!

If you’d like to peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to October 2015.

September 2015 Outfits

So I’ve decided to keep this monthly re-cap thing going for now. I guess the scientist in me really enjoys looking at a set of observations and identifying trends. #nerd

PicMonkey Collage

Winners: #3, #8, #15

Losers: #2, #4, #6

September included a total of 17 blogged outfits, and–let’s be real— that number is so annoying for the purposes of collage-making. Hence, the awkward non-grid layout.

Anyway, the color palette was a little more varied this month, although there are several shades of red and lots of brown going on. I didn’t wear quite as many dresses this month, largely due to the weather cooling down enough for pants and jeans. I am predicting that I will be wearing a lot more outfits like this one; I really like the idea of getting use out of my regular button-ups by using them as a light layer on top of a solid tee/camisole.

If you’d like peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to September 2015.