old navy review, volume 2

It’s been almost two years since my last “try-on” post, and I happened to have just bought a new full-length mirror for our bedroom…so how about another?

I’m not always a fan of Old Navy’s offerings, but this spring, they’ve had a few items worth trying. They recently had a 40% off promo for cardholders, so I ordered the items you see below.

trench coat in clay mate, $35 (size small)

I mentioned in my most recent shopping list post that I’m in search of a new trench coat. I spotted this one for such a steal, I had to try it. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for–it’s not waterproof (just regular cotton), and the fit leaves something to be desired. Still, it’s a decent quality coat for the price. I also like the striped lining.

Verdict: return


relaxed peplum-hem top in black, $11 (size small)

I just completed another closet purge, and one of the items I banished was my black peplum top. It wasn’t a perfect fit when I bought it, and now that I’ve lost weight and stopped breastfeeding, it’s just all kinds of wonky. Plus, the heavy material limited its use. So now I have that hole in my closet. I like this one with lace trim (that you can’t see in these grainy iPhone photos), but the material is what ruined it for me. It’s pretty scratchy, and I know myself: if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it.

Verdict: return
relaxed peplum-hem tee in white stripe, $12 (size small)

Honestly, the last thing I need is another striped tee, but this one is a little bit different, right? It’s pretty lightweight, so I can see myself wearing this well into spring, despite the long sleeves. This particular color/pattern is sold out online, but you might be able to snag one in stores (for just $7, no less!). My only concern is that the sleeves are a bit tight considering I usually end up rolling up my sleeves during the day. Whether I keep this depends on how the rest of my spending goes this month.

Verdict: maybe


crew-neck tee dress in red stripe, $11 (size small)

I added this to my order because my current red striped dress has shrunk a bit over the past few washes, making it a bit too short for work. I’d love to find a replacement…but sadly, I don’t think this is it. I had read the reviews indicating that this dress runs small, but I veer toward in extra-small in Old Navy’s sizing, so I thought a small would be safe. It fits, but it’s definitely more “body-con” than any of my other tee-shirt dresses. I also think the tall sizing might have been better to get a bit of added length. Finally, the color is not the true, cherry red I want–it leans toward orange-y red.

Verdict: return

So this order turned out to be a bit of a bust, but at least it gave me something to blog about. What would you keep?

loft review

I feel like such a sucker. Last month, when I bought my red polka dot shirt and matching skirt, the sales lady convinced me to open up a Loft card. I mean, how could I say no to an extra 40% off? Well, fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve made several transactions due to flash sales, cardmember perks, and other irresistible marketing tactics. Well, Loft, your ruse to get me to buy more of your merchandise has been very successful.

All that being said, I’m not planning on keeping all of the items I’ve bought. Here’s a look at the goods.

quilted jacquard flare dress, $35

Tasteful Style1As you may recall from my last review post, I am on the hunt for a pink dress. I tried one from Target that was too form-fitting for my taste, so I thought a fit-and-flare style like this one would be more my style. They were sold out of my normal size, but some of the reviews indicated it ran big, so I ordered a size down (left), as well as my normal size in the petite version (right). The petite version gave me room in the torso, but the waistline was just a little higher than my natural waist. The length was about an inch or two shorter as well. The regular version fit me better in the shoulders and more nearly fit my waist. My only complaint is that the fabric is a little clingy, so it highlights my ribcage fat (trust me, it’s a thing). Nonetheless, it satisfies enough of my criteria that I’ll likely keep it.

Verdict: Keep

scallop jacquard riveria shorts in black, $20

black shortsThese shorts and the pair below were actually items I just added to my order to get free shipping. I absolutely love the scallop detail on these, and I think they fit pretty well. That being said, I already own a pair of black shorts, so I really can’t justify keeping these.

Verdict: Return

scallop chambray riviera shorts, $22

denim shortsIn all honesty, I had higher hopes for these shorts. I’m often between sizes in shorts and I ordered the smaller in these, since the reviewers indicated that they ran large. Even still, they were pretty roomy. I think the overall look was just a little…sloppy. Ironing them would probably help, but overall I didn’t think they were flattering. Perhaps they would be cute on someone tall and thin?

Verdict: Return

windowpane circle skirt, $18

circle skirtI’ve spotted this skirt on a few of my favorite bloggers, and I really fell in love with it over the past couple months. So when Loft had a 70% off flash sale, making it just $18, I had to order it! I had fully intended on keeping it until I looked at this picture–it makes me look a bit big through the middle here. Maybe a belt would help…

Verdict: Maybe

white modern skinny jeans, $35

white jeansMy current pair of white jeans (in Loft’s modern straight cut) doesn’t really fit me all that well right now. The waist is too big, and they’re a few inches too long, so as a result, I have to wear flowy shirts with them and cuff the hem. Not ideal. So I tried the modern skinny cut instead. This pair is definitely a better fit in the waist, but they’re still just a smidge too long (I rolled two tiny cuffs in these pictures). However, the quality is good, and they’re NOT see-through, which is a problem with a lot of other white pants/jeans I’ve tried in the past. I’m still debating whether they’re worth $35.

Verdict: Maybe

So what would you keep?

target review

I always like at least a few Target clothing items every season, but I’ve found their spring offerings this year particularly enticing. Accordingly, I’ve bought a few items–some in store (two tops), some online (two dresses). Read on to find out my thoughts on each…

women’s printed crepe shell in green/white (floral), $16

floral topI am on a major floral kick these days, which is kind of interesting considering I spent my teenage years loathing anything that even resembled a floral print. Anyway, I really liked the colors in this top, and I thought it was a bit more professional looking than my beloved floral tee. However, I think the colors are a bit too similar to the aforementioned tee. The fit isn’t all that flattering either.

Verdict: Return

women’s printed crepe shell in drizzle gray (polka dots), $16

polka dot topGray is fast becoming my new favorite neutral, particularly for springtime. It looks so lovely with pastels and saturated hues alike. So that was my incentive for buying this top…oh, and I also had a buy two, get $5 off coupon. This is the exact same top as above but in another print, so the fit is of the same mediocre quality. I also don’t like how it’s pretty see-through, meaning I would have to wear a layer underneath. I had envisioned wearing these tops throughout the summer, which is not a time when I want to be layering.

Verdict: Return

women’s ponte sheath dress in so pink, $28

pink dressI recently read a review of this dress on Heidi’s blog; she seemed to like her mint version a lot, so I thought it was worth trying. I absolutely love the color–a vibrant rosy pink. However, I did not love the fit. It was much more form fitting than I had anticipated; I would feel self-conscious wearing something like this. The overall fit was also just a bit off. I couldn’t get a picture, but the zipper kind of bumped along my spine awkwardly rather than laying flat. The fit in the shoulders was also only OK. I’m not sure sizing up would solve those problems, so I think I’ll just keep looking. I’m hoping I can get this one in my size during the next flash sale!

Verdict: Return

women’s floral crepe shift dress in ebony, $12

floral dressTo be honest, this dress was a last-minute add-on to qualify for a BOGO 50% off promotion. Again, I liked the floral print, but this time it’s unlike anything else I own. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, and the colors are quite vibrant in person. I also loved that it matched my pink heels perfectly 🙂 I don’t really need this dress, but it’s pretty cute for just $12! Depending on what else I end up buying this month, I may or may not decide to return this dress. It’s a good thing I have 90 days to decide!

Verdict: Maybe

Which items would you keep? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

help me shop: tweed moto jacket

For the past several months, I’ve been searching for a tweed-ish/boucle/marled moto jacket. Specifically, something along these lines:

tweed moto jacket



I really like the Chanel-vibe of the tweed combined with the slight edginess of a moto jacket. Plus, I think it would be quite versatile–I could wear it with jeans like dear Carly Rae here, or I could wear it with a dress. So I’ve tried out a couple options thus far, and I thought I would share my findings.

piperlime collection graphic tweed moto jacket, $25 via Poshmark

Tasteful Style

10I really wanted to love this jacket. This jacket originally cost $98 from Piperlime, but the seller on Poshmark had marked it down to $30. After a little negotiation, I got it for $25, and I was pretty excited for it to arrive. However, when it came, there were a few things I noticed up front. First, it was much heavier than anticipated. I was thinking it would be more like a light jacket as opposed to a thick wool coat. Second, the fit was less than perfect. It was slightly tight in the shoulders (not uncommon in jackets for me), and the sleeves were too long. I thought I could make it work (see this post), but I just don’t think it’s worth keeping. Unfortunately, all sales are final on Poshmark, so I re-listed it in an attempt to get my money back.

herringbone moto jacket, $24 via New York + Company

Tasteful Style1

8I spotted this jacket a few weeks ago when New York + Company was having one of its crazy sales (BOGO AND $100 OFF!). The store finder indicated that it was not available at my local store, so I bought it online (and filled out my cart with another item to get free shipping, of course). This one is almost a winner. It’s slightly boxy, but it fits me pretty well otherwise. It’s fully lined and is medium weight, which would make it a good transition piece. I’m undecided about whether this is my best option.

textured moto cardigan, $36 via New York + Company

Tasteful Style2

14Truthfully, I just added this to my cart to get free shipping in the aforementioned transaction. I did like that it was a sweater-jacket hybrid, which meant there would be no pesky shoulder pads. Those things are never flattering on me–my shoulders are plenty big enough, thank you! Anyway, I liked the faux leather details and the fact that there are pockets. It looked nice zipped up, but it was pretty sloppy looking when left unzipped. Plus, there were loose threads all over the place–stuck to the jacket itself as well as my clothes. I would be tempted to keep this sweater if it were $10 but certainly not for almost $40.

marled boucle moto jacket, $28 via Forever 21

Tasteful Style3

18This was actually the first jacket I had my eye on, ever since last December. They’ve been sold out of everything except mediums for a while now, and I kept hoping they would get some smalls back in stock; the reviews had indicated that it runs big. When my Piperlime jacket didn’t work out, I figured it was worth trying the medium in this one–Forever 21’s sizing has been notoriously all over the place in the past (at least in my experience). When it came, I found that it was indeed pretty big by Forever 21’s standards. It’s a stretch to call this a “jacket”–it’s much more like a structured cardigan (not that I really mind–it’s quite cozy!). I really like the length on this option in that it’s full length and not cropped. Another benefit is that this sweater is machine washable, which means that it could theoretically shrink down a bit in the wash. This one is still in the running.

So, here’s where I would love your feedback–which one do you think I should keep? Let me know in the comments, or use the poll below!