shopping list–march 2017

It’s been two months since I last posted a “shopping list,” but thus far I’ve managed to purchase only one of the three items on that list. I’m still hoping that the bag in that post will go on sale and the earrings will no longer be backordered at some point. I’ve also identified a few other items that might be nice to have in my wardrobe.


black flats 

I’ve mentioned this in my last few budget posts: I’m in need of comfy, all-purpose, preferably genuine leather, black flats. My current pair (seen here) is by Dr. Scholl’s, but the leather is quite stiff, and they fit my foot awkwardly. This search is proving to be more difficult than anticipated, as I am picky about toe shape too. I want them to be pointed toe, but not too pointy, if that makes any sense. I’m considering this pair currently–just waiting for a good promo!

blush blouse

This time last year, I also was in search of a top in this hue. I ended up finding a blush tee that I like (see it here), but it’s a bit sheer and casual. I’m hoping to find a more versatile blouse that could be worn with jeans or skirts. The trouble is, I’m not totally sold on ruffles or bell sleeves, which seem to be details incorporated into every blush blouse I’ve seen lately. Suggestions for where to look for more basic silhouettes are welcome!

trench coat

Technically, I own a trench coat already (seen here), but I never seem to reach for it. I think it’s because I’d rather have something more classic: double-breasted, tortoise or brown buttons. I’m planning on selling my old one, as it’s really a nice coat, just not working for me. I might trade it in for this one or this one.

What are you lusting after lately?

shopping list–january 2017

Every two months or so, I compile a few wishlist items for my wardrobe in an effort to guide my spending. I’d like to think that this strategy helps me shop for items that fulfill a specific “need” in my closet rather than for just pieces that happen to strike my fancy.

For this rendition, I don’t have a whole lot in mind, given that we are still recovering from the excess of the holiday season. That being said, the following are a few accessories that would be nice to have sometime in 2017.


black crossbody bag 

We actually traveled quite a bit this past fall: a Labor Day trip to Massachusetts, a wedding weekend in Chicago, and an extended stay in Maryland for Thanksgiving. I didn’t particularly want to lug around my diaper bag everywhere for all those excursions, so I used my tan crossbody bag. I thoroughly enjoyed the convenience, but I kept wishing I had the same bag in black. Enter: this foldover crossbody bag from BP. It comes in a few other fun colors too for those of you who are less boring than I am!

pearl stud earrings

By far, the most worn piece of jewelry in my possession is my pair of pearl stud earrings. Clearly, pearls are pretty timeless, so it’s no wonder that they’re my go-to earrings. I’ve been thinking it might be nice to change it up now and then with a slightly larger pair with a hint of embellishment. I like these Kate Spade ones, so I might grab them the next time there’s a sale going on.

leather sneakers

Keds recently sent me a birthday coupon, and I’ve been perusing their site quite a bit as a result. I’m very tempted by these simple, leather sneakers. I kind of love all four colors, but I’m leaning toward the cognac or black. They would be so perfect paired with jeans or even one of my many pairs of ankle pants!

What’s on your wishlist these days?

shopping list–november 2016

The holiday season is upon us! With our recent move, I haven’t had much time to focus on the impending festivities, but I do have a few items in mind for my birthday/Christmas wishlist. I haven’t determined which items to ask Santa for and which items to plan on buying for myself…


red plaid shirt If it seems like I already own quite a few plaid shirts, that’s because I do. I bought one last month, plus I have several gingham versions; just check out my “plaid” tag for proof! That being said, my thrifted red plaid shirt is looking a little faded these days, so it might be time to replace it. I really love the ruffle detail on this one, but it doesn’t seem to be getting favorable reviews. It might be better to go with a more classic version like this one instead.

ivory cable knit sweater Ever since my sister bought me a sweater like this for Christmas a few years ago, I’ve decided that it is a closet staple for me. I wore it all the time during the coldest months of the year. Unfortunately, it started to pill so much that I had to give it up. I found a decent replacement on ThredUp, but it has started to have the same fate. I’m hoping to find a sturdier version that will last more than a season. The one pictured above is technically from the men’s section, but maybe the extra small slim could work?

gold mesh band watch Although I still like my gold boyfriend watch, I don’t wear it all that much these days. Having a clunky watch on my wrist isn’t all that compatible with my lifestyle these days (i.e., changing diapers and chasing around an 11-month-old). I like the sleek look of the mesh band on this Skagen one, but I might end up going the cheaper route with this look-alike.

faux leather backpack I’ve been carrying around my diaper bag every day for the past year, and I’m just about ready to throw it in the back of my closet for good…well, at least until we have another kid 😉 I’d like to try out the backpack trend (is it still a trend? I feel so out of touch these days…) with this one. I like the tassel detail and pretty cognac color!

gray ankle pants I wear ankle pants very regularly to work, and I’m starting to get a bit tired of my black and navy pairs. Why not add some gray into the rotation of neutrals? Banana Republic’s pants generally fit me pretty well, so I might take a chance and order this pair soon (particularly because I have some rewards cash I’m itching to spend).

What are you eyeing this holiday season?

shopping list–september 2016

It seems that fall may be my favorite season to shop for–I’ve got several items I want to add to my closet for the next few months. Here’s what I have in mind:

sept wishlist

suede skirt I really liked the suede skirts that started showing up last year, but alas, being pregnant prevented me from trying one out for myself. It seems that they’re back this fall, so I’m hoping I can find one in a pretty shade of camel or tan. This one is along the lines of what I had in mind but a little pricey. My only concern is how remixable a skirt like this would be…any outfit ideas out there?

chambray dress I’m having a bit of a love affair with chambray these days (love my new peplum top!). I already own a chambray shirtdress, but I’d love to one with a simpler neckline. I like this cute fit & flare version and this wrap dress. Both would be great options for pairing with boots this fall!

boyfriend jeans I mentioned in my most recent budget post that my boyfriend jeans are too big right now, which makes me pretty sad. It’s just such a comfy and versatile style! I like this “girlfriend” style that is slightly more fitted; I’m also digging the darker wash for those times when Caleb uses me as a human Kleenex.

delicate gold necklace I would love to find an “everyday” necklace that would go with pretty much anything. This classic initial pendant is cute (and also comes in rose gold and silver!), but I’m also intrigued by this druzy stone necklace. Etsy might also be a good place to search for something like this…

burgundy shoes I have a pair of cheapie burgundy pumps that I got on clearance at Target a few years ago, but they’re pretty uncomfortable…period. But, I love burgundy as an accent color, so I’d love to find a comfortable pair of flats or wedges in this color. I like these trendy tassel flats, but I might want something a bit simpler.

What’s on your fall wishlist?