Clothing Budget

It’s no secret that I really enjoy shopping for clothes. Since beginning this blog in July 2013, I’ve been attempting to make wiser shopping decisions to acquire priority pieces for my current occupation and lifestyle. I have allotted $2000 annually for this purpose, and at the end of every month, I’ll devote a post to a discussion my recent purchases. Such posts will be shared with the Budgeting Bloggers link-up, where you can find plenty of other style bloggers doing the same thing!


6 thoughts on “Clothing Budget

  1. This is so nice, I was wondering how much people spend monthly on clothing and accessories. I am new to blogging and just posted my Feb spending review. I’m trying to keep my spending within $100 a month. I’m finished with my PhD and earnings well now but daycare and baby expenses burn quite a hole in the pocket 🙂


    • I am always curious to know how much others spend on clothes too. I like how these posts keep me accountable as well!
      Congrats on finishing up your PhD! I am working on my PhD in nutrition, but I still have a few years left.


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