common threads challenge: week 1

It’s been awhile since I last posted! My husband accidentally broke my tripod (not really sure how–I just know that the pressure washer was involved…), and I’m entering into serious writing season for my PhD; the combination of the two has put blogging on the back-burner. All that being said, I am still participating in the Common Threads Challenge, and I wanted to be sure to share my first few outfits with you.

Monday: olive tee

olive tee: Banana Republic Factory, exact // black skinny jeans: Loft, similar // black leather flats: BCBGeneration, similar // leopard scarf: Joe Fresh, similar

To be honest, I really wanted to copy this exact outfit, but I decided I should try to put my own spin on it. Plus, I was just really in the mood to wear a scarf! Olive + leopard is definitely a go-to around here.

Tuesday: burgundy skirt

black stripe 3/4 sleeve tee: Merona, similar // burgundy skirt: Loft, similar // black leather flats: BCBGeneration, similar // black leather strap watch: Kate Spade, exact // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker Banks, similar

I think this look is the winner of the week. I say that because a stranger stopped me on my way in to work and said, “You look cute!” I almost wish that I had a neck scarf or something to give the outfit a little French girl flair.

Wednesday: chambray shirt

chambray shirt: J.Crew, exact // mustard jeans: Loft, similar // two tone wedge sandals: b.o.c., similar // reversible tote: Street Level, exact // cognac leather strap watch: Wristology, exact

I’ve actually worn some version of this outfit several times, although I most often wear it with my striped chambray popover. I was tempted to wear my cognac booties with this outfit, but ultimately decided I would go one CTC item at a time, at least for this first week.

Thursday: black knit blazer

black knit blazer: Caslon, similar // spotted blouse: Loft, similar // olive pants: Banana Republic, similar // black wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker Banks, similar

I’ve had this pin sitting on my “must re-create” list for a long time now. I finally got around to it, but I’m not so excited about the end result. For starters, why does my blazer look lopsided?! And perhaps I should have left the top untucked. Oh, well.

Friday: cognac booties

plum tee: Banana Republic Factory, similar // ivory cardigan: Merona, similar // skinny jeans: BP, similar // gold pendant necklace: J.Crew, similar // cognac booties: Jessica Simpson, almost exact

Let me just be honest and say that this outfit was completely weather inappropriate. The day started off cool, but by mid-day, it was up to the 80s–not exactly sweater and bootie temps. This sweater is gigantic (and hence, not very flattering), partially because I bought it when I was pregnant two years ago…but I think I love it a little more just because it’s so over-sized.

This first week hasn’t been too difficult–we’re just beginning with our five pieces! That being said, I think the item I’ll have the most trouble re-wearing is the burgundy skirt. Any suggestions are welcome…


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Black, white, and burgundy is definitely a color combination you’ll see frequently throughout the blog archives–it’s pretty neutral, but not boring. That’s definitely a characteristic I look for when I want to appear professional, which is why I wore this look for a conference (in which I was presenting a poster) this past week.

Technically, I wore this outfit a few days prior to the conference too, as a “trial run.” Does anyone else do that? I like to try out an outfit for an important occasion, just to be sure there’s not something unexpectedly wrong with the garments or the way they fit or drape. I guess I’ve had one too many occasions when the zipper is impossible scratchy or the pants are just a bit too tight, so I’ll take the extra precaution!

black striped dress: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar (so adorable!) // burgundy cardigan: J.Crew Factory, almost exact, similar // gold tassel necklace: Forever 21, similar, similar // black flats: BCBGeneration, similar, similar

party in the back

Oh, look–more stripes! I promise that this striped tee (of the many, many such tees in my closet) is special; it has a little party in the back going on:

Bows! I’m not the biggest fan of bows anymore, but this is a form in which I quite like them.

You’ll have to excuse me if I look a little…sloppy in these photos (wrinkled much?). Caleb spiked a fever at daycare, and he has a history of febrile seizures (we think), so of course I dropped everything and rushed over to pick him up, called the doctor, and held him close for the rest of the day. He’s fine, but the unexpected turn of the day had me looking a bit more disheveled than usual!

black stripe bow back tee: J.Crew, similar, similar // olive skirt: J.Crew Factory, same style in different colors, similar (<–want!)// black leather flats: BCBGeneration, similar, similar // black leather strap watch: Kate Spade New York, exact, similar

Take One, Pass It On: Day 10


OK, I’ll be honest and say that my sartorial creativity is waning at this point. In looking at my outfits for the remainder of the week, I’m not terribly excited about wearing them (although my weekend outfits will be fun). Even though I work in a pretty casual environment (i.e., academia), I find myself trapped by a lot of rules, some self-imposed and some not. The weather is a major factor, as I’d rather not sweat all day, and the breastfeeding issue adds another dimension to the dilemma. Plus, there’s always the lingering concern in the back of my mind–“Is this professional enough?”Sometimes getting dressed is hard.


All that being said, I’m continuing with the Take One, Pass It On challenge; I’m just warning you that not all of these looks are going to be wildly interesting. How’s that for enticing you to return to my blog? Ha! Today, I at least attempted to add some element of interest with my long neglected turquoise necklace–it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.


striped tee: Mossimo, similar, similar // black ankle pants: Loft, exact, similar // black flats: Dr. Scholl’s, exact, similar // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker, exact, similar // turquoise pendant necklace: Kendra Scott, similar, similar

black pants