hey, preppy

DSC_8230If you haven’t watched this clip yet, click on over. You’re welcome.

Were I to encounter Slater today (a girl can dream!), he would probably greet me the same way he does┬áZack–“hey, preppy!” I wore my long neglected plaid blazer, which is probably the preppiest (er, most preppy, prep-tastic?) item I own. I’m not really sure why I’ve neglected this blazer for so long (you can see the last time I wore it here). I think maybe it would be easier to style if the plaid had black in it, like the one J.Crew Factory has on clearance right now. I still love it though, so I thought it would make the perfect candidate for this week’s PMT Style Challenge: wear something you haven’t worn in 6+ months.

DSC_8227The perfectly prepster look is slightly ruined, however, by the fact that my hair is all over the place. The wind was out of control today! Don’t worry–I’ll save a few bloopers for a future post ­čÖé

DSC_8250I’m thinking I’ll try wearing this blazer with a skirt the next time around, something like this pin.

How would you wear a plaid blazer?

DSC_8206navy + green plaid blazer: Loft Outlet, similar, similar // blue jewel collar button-up: Elle via eBay, similar, similar, similar // straight jeans: Loft Outlet, similar, similar // brown ankle boots: Jessica Simpson via Amazon, exact, very similar

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sleek + sparkly

DSC_7817OK, so let me preface this post by saying that I am totally clueless when it comes to styling hair. So you can imagine my trepidation when I read that this week’s challenge for the PMT Style Challenge is “try a new hairstyle.” I came up with a new hairstyle…but I didn’t say it was a good one. Be kind, dear readers.

DSC_7810So the hairstyle I chose is sort of a chignon–it’s a low bun that I placed slightly to the side. I actually wore a very similar hairstyle throughout all four years of college. I would throw my hair in a low bun right after showering, thus saving time and eliminating the need for a┬áhair dryer. I thought I was pretty clever until my mom gave me some real talk one day: “Caroline, don’t you think that looks a little…severe?” So then I moved onto my plain jane hairstyle you see most days on the blog.

And that’s my hair memoir. As riveting as that story is, let’s move on to the outfit, shall we? To match my sleek hairstyle, I decided to keep my outfit pretty streamlined: black pants, a button-up, and pointy pumps. I added a little interest by choosing a blingy shirt and metallic shoes.


DSC_7840I actually really like the way this look turned out…well, at least from the neck down.

DSC_7789blue jewel collar button-up: Elle via eBay, similar // black dress pants: Banana Republic Factory, similar // silver pumps: Christian Siriano for Payless, similar

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