neglected blazers

The more time I spend as a PhD student, the more “relaxed” my personal dress code becomes. I still try not to wear jeans except on Fridays, but other than that, I feel pretty free to wear whatever I want, particularly now that I don’t even seen research participants anymore (I finished collecting data a few months ago). Anyway, one of the side effects of these increasingly casual outfits is that I rarely wear any of my blazers. I actually really like my blazer collection, so I’m trying to make a more concerted effort to wear them regularly.

First up is my camel blazer. Given my preference for brown + black these days, my color palette of choice on this day was obvious. Next time I think I’ll try layering a Christmas-y plaid shirt underneath 🙂

camel blazer: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // polka dot shirt: J.Crew Factory, similar, similar // black ankle pants: Banana Republic Factory, exact, similar // black wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact, similar 


on buying multiples

DSC_7977It seems as though it might be a bit taboo in blog-land to admit this, but here goes: I like to buy multiples. When I find an item of clothing that fits me well, I tend to buy a few of them (once the price is right, of course!). Loft’s modern skinny jeans, Banana Republic’s Luxe tees, and, most pertinent to this post, J.Crew’s schoolboy blazers are just a few examples.

DSC_7923I had some extra cash in my PayPal account from eBay sales this month, and I decided to spend it on a new camel blazer. My orangey-red blazer is J.Crew’s schoolboy cut, and it seems to fit me quite well. I scoured eBay until I found a camel version in my size and in excellent condition…and for a fraction of the $200 retail price! I really like its warmer camel color compared to my old one, and I feel like it will last for years to come.


camel blazer: J.Crew, similar, similar // navy gingham button-up: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // boyfriend jeans: Loft, similar, similar // navy pumps: Frye, similar, similar // gold watch: Fossil, exact, similar, similar, similar // pearl stud earrings: gift, similar, similar

a blazer…just because

DSC_7008These days, I really don’t have to look professional. I only have to be on campus one day per week during my maternity leave, and even then, I can get away with wearing jeans. However, I am still pretty jazzed about being able to wear all my normal (i.e., non-maternity) clothes again, so I find myself reaching for professional clothing…just because.

DSC_6984Specifically, I am loving my blazer collection. On this particular day, I decided to show some love for my camel blazer, which I haven’t worn since my second trimester.

DSC_7013Once again, I paired it with a few other neutrals, plus my burgundy pumps. I’m thinking next time around it would be fun to pair this blazer with some navy gingham!


camel blazer: Merona via Target, very similar, similar // black ankle pants: Loft, exact, similar, similar // polka dot shirt: LC Lauren Conrad, similar, similar // burgundy pumps: Merona via Target, similar, similar // black leather strap watch: Kate Spade, exact, similar

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camel love

DSC_4728I’ve really been loving the color camel lately–something about this shade of brown is just so quintessentially autumnal! If I’m really being honest with myself, it’s probably not the best color on my skin tone; my mom tells me it washes me out. (Thanks for the brutal honesty, Ma!).

DSC_4712Nonetheless, I’ve reached a point in my style evolution where I would much prefer to wear what makes me happy versus what follows alleged “rules.” So, you may see this camel blazer much more often this fall 🙂


navy pindot dress: Mimi Maternity, similar, non-maternity // camel blazer: Merona via Poshmark*, similar, similar // burgundy pumps: Merona via Target, similar, similar // burgundy satchel: Forever 21, similar, similar // multistrand pearl necklace: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar

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^Taken at 28 weeks