take one, pass it on 2017: days 15-18

I’m just now realizing that I didn’t really set out any real rules for myself for this challenge. At first, I thought I should be remixing only clothing items, but as time has gone on, I’ve allowed myself to use accessories as the “pass it on” items…first shoes (see here), and now purses. Whatever, it’s my blog, and I make the rules.

day fifteen:

blue striped button up: Banana Republic Factory, similar // navy skirt: J.Crew, similar // tan clogs: Lotta from Stockholm, exact // red crossbody bag: Ann Taylor, similar // tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker Banks, exact

day sixteen:

blue striped button up: Banana Republic Factory similar // olive skirt: J.Crew Factory, exact // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact // cognac belt: Merona, similar

day seventeen:

ivory tee: Banana Republic Factory, exact // olive skirt: J.Crew Factory, exact // two-tone wedge sandals: b.o.c., similar // tortoise link necklace: J.Crew, similar

day eighteen:

red striped tee: J.Crew Factory, exact // white shorts: JCPenney, similar // tan wedge sandals: Chaps, exact // tortoise link necklace: J.Crew, similar

This batch of outfits is a good example of why I like to do these challenges every now and then–I’ve owned all of these items for quite some time now, but these are all new combinations. I’m not sure I love any of these particular outfits, but I do like that I’m trying new things. Stay tuned for the next roundup for more re-mixing!


Take One, Pass It on: Day 25

DSC_0055So, are you sick of seeing me in navy blue yet? Yes, I’m wearing it again today, but at least this time I’m pairing it with a different color: olive green. I’m a big fan of the navy/olive combination, even if I don’t seem to wear it all that often.

DSC_0048This cardigan is a new-ish item in my closet, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. The particular shade of green has a bit more yellow/brown undertones than I would prefer, but I think I can make it work. Hopefully it doesn’t remind you too much of baby poop (or is that just me?). Regardless, I was very glad to have this cardigan today as I sat through a dissertation defense (not mine, obviously) and a few meetings–the air conditioning was downright frigid. #summerinthesouth


navy print top: J.Crew Factory, similar, similar // navy skirt: J.Crew, similar, similar // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact, similar // olive cardigan: Loft, similar, similar // pearl stud earrings: gift, similar, similar // cognac leather strap watch: Wristology, exact, similar

navy print top

Take One, Pass It On: Day 23


And the infatuation with navy blue continues. I definitely go through phases in terms of my favorite neutral, and I’m in my (navy) blue phase right now. Looking back at my archives, it seems that navy blue is a color I tend to favor in the fall.


Anyway, this infatuation is perhaps why I chose to pair yesterday’s blush top with navy blue pants. I added my pearl necklace, as I’ve seen a similar look on Fran and loved it. This outfit worked out fine for a day of working from home for half the day–the kiddo is still sick. Fingers crossed he can head back to daycare tomorrow…


blush tee: J.Crew Factory, similar, similar // navy blue ankle pants: Loft, exact, similar // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact, similar // multistrand pearl necklace: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar

blush tee

Take One, Pass It On: Day 17


Today’s outfit is another one from my list of most repeated looks of the summer. Truthfully, I bought this skirt as a means of getting free shipping during a J.Crew Factory promotion a while back (yes, that old excuse again…), and I ended up really loving it. It’s lined but made of a very lightweight material, which makes for a perfect summer skirt in my mind. Plus, it’s a length that is totally appropriate for work.


So, I really like this outfit, even if I don’t love the way these pictures turned out. My hair is a mess, I look a bit dazed, and my necklace is all kinds of wonky…but that’s real life these days, friends! Let’s call it loss for my vanity but a win for authenticity.


white tee: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // navy + white striped skirt: J.Crew Factory, similar, similar // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson, exact, similar // gold station necklace: C.Wonder, similar, similar

gold station necklace