Take One, Pass It On: Day 30


Oh, hey striped skirt. It’s been a while.

In my house, I have a bit of a reputation of being anti-clutter–several times per year, I get into “a mood,” and I purge items from my closet, the attic, even the filing cabinet. We don’t have much storage in our current house, so this ritual is a means of survival. So when an item of clothing such as this skirt remains in my closet for years, there must be something special about it. In this case, I just think that a striped pencil skirt is a classic–it will never go out of style, so I keep hanging onto it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s quite stretchy, which has made it quite forgiving of all my weight fluctuations over the past few years.


I brought it out today for the first day of class…on which I have no classes. I am “advanced” old enough that I am done with taking classes for my PhDizzle–it’s just research from here on out. No matter how old I get though, I still get a wee bit excited when selecting my outfit for the first day of school 🙂


chambray shirt: J.Crew, similar, similar // black + white striped pencil skirt: Loft, similar, similar // leopard pumps: INC via eBay, similar, similar // gold watch: Fossil via Belk, similar, similar

chambray shirt


polished basics

DSC_8379All the elements in this outfit are ones you’d find on those lists that dictate “the items that must be in every woman’s closet.” A trench, a crisp white shirt, and black pants. Basic but polished.

DSC_8363This outfit actually came out of a desire to wear my trench coat more often. I received it as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but I’ve worn it just a handful of times. For something that’s supposed to be a “wardrobe staple,” I hardly wear it.



My leopard pumps are a different story. I wear these all the time! I love the way they look with slim ankle pants.

How would you wear a trench coat?


trench coat: MICHAEL by Michael Kors, similar, similar // white button up shirt: Lands’ End, exact, similar // black ankle pants: Loft, exact, similar // leopard pumps: INC via eBay, similar, similar // black satchel: Phillip Lim for Target, similar, similar // crystal cluster earrings: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar

the pearl tassel necklace

DSC_7302This pearl tassel necklace will be making many appearances on the blog, friends. Why? Because it took so much effort to make it mine.

DSC_7296I admired it throughout the holiday season but didn’t order it until I received a gift card for Christmas. When my package arrived, it was the wrong necklace. Bummer. So I returned it and requested an exchange for the correct item…but it was out of stock. This whole process was repeated (wrong item sent; correct necklace was out of stock). I had given up when I stumbled upon it in my local Loft store. Even better? It was on clearance for less than $10. Yes, please. 

DSC_7312So clearly there was quite a saga behind obtaining this necklace. I quite like the way it looks with this powder pink sweater, but I’m thinking it would pair nicely with pretty much any other color of the rainbow. Stay tuned!


blush pink sweater: J.Crew, similar, similar // white skinny jeans: Loft, similar, similar, similar // leopard pumps: INC via eBay, similar, similar // pearl tassel necklace: Loft, similar, similar

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rough day

DSC_7062I’ll be honest–the day that I wore this outfit was a rough one. Caleb was a crank-pot all morning, and just as I got him calmed down, it was time to take him to the pediatrician’s office. Well, as you might imagine, he did not enjoy being poked and prodded and proceeded to cry wail through the whole appointment. By the end of the day, I was pretty wiped.

DSC_7050The silver lining is that the doctor recommended something for the little dude’s distress (probiotics for colicky babies = magic!). Oh, and I got to wear an outfit that had been lingering on my Pinterest board for months. So there’s that.


striped boatneck tee: Merona via Target, similar, similar // cognac jacket: NY & Co., similar, similar // boyfriend jeans: Loft, exact, similar, similar // leopard pumps: INC via eBay, similar, similar // mustard scarf: Amazon, similar, similar