Take One, Pass It On: Day 31


It’s the last day of this challenge! It’s been rough taking pictures of my outfit every day for 31 days, but I’m glad I did it. As I mentioned before, I will post a more thoughtful summary in the next few days.


For now though, let’s focus on the final look. Unfortunately, I’m finishing out this challenge with an outfit I’m not all that excited about–it’s not exactly flattering, mostly due to poor fit. I loved this peplum top when I first bought it last spring, but it’s a bit too big right now, which means I really need to belt it to adequately define my waist.  I was far too lazy for such things when I wore this outfit, so the end result is slightly frumpy. Oh well–lesson learned!


black peplum top: Ann Taylor, similar, similar // striped pencil skirt: Loft, similar, similar // red flats: J.Crew, exact, similar // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker, exact, similar

striped pencil skirt

Take One, Pass It On: Day 18


After my ode to this striped skirt yesterday, it should come as no surprise that it’s the item I chose to remix for today. I actually kind of struggled to think of another way to wear it, as I really wanted to pair it with a chambray shirt. But it’s just too dang hot for that right now. Instead, I went with a flowy navy top and a touch of burgundy.


This look worked fine for a day with minimal walking, but these pumps are just a smidge too small, which is why I don’t wear them all that often. I might have to add “comfy burgundy shoes” to my fall wishlist…


navy blouse: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // navy and white striped skirt: J.Crew Factory, similar, similar // burgundy pumps: Merona, similar, similar // pearl stud earrings: gift, similar, similar

navy striped skirt

Take One, Pass It On: Day 11


Here we are again, with one of the most worn items in my closet: a striped tee. I’ve remixed this item before on the blog, and I bet I could show you about 20 more outfits with it (but I’ll spare you…for now). For now, I’ll just share the most recent combination: with my ever-present red skirt.


This outfit is another one I’ve probably worn ten times over the course of this summer. The flippy skirt is quite excellent in the ventilation department, and it’s comfortable. Plus, I just seem to be having a love affair with all shades of red these days. Maybe next time I wear it, I’ll branch out from the black/white/red color palette…


black and white striped tee: Mossimo, similar, similar // red skirt: Loft, similar, similar // black wedge sandals: Chaps via Kohl’s, exact, similar // gold tassel necklace: Forever 21, exact, similar // gray tortoise sunglasses: Warby Parker, exact, similar

striped tee

Take One, Pass It On: Day 5


You see this bright, white tee? Well, it didn’t stay bright white today. Just as I was leaving for work this morning, Caleb pulled one of his most charming tricks by using me as a human napkin. Yep–peanut butter right across the boobs. Lovely. I didn’t have time to change, so I dabbed some water on my chest and went on my merry way. By the time I got to work, the damage was clear: I had faint brown stains on my shirt…and a meeting with my advisor in 15 minutes. Because it’s a solid crew neck tee, I ended up just wearing the shirt backwards until I could go home to change at lunch. Oh, the joys of motherhood!


This outfit is another favorite of this summer–I’ve worn some variation of it several times, in an effort to mimic this look. This time around, I decided to don my leopard sandals (<–click for a close-up!) in honor of this self-imposed Take One, Pass It On challenge. Definitely an outfit I’ll repeat…assuming I can get those PB stains out!


white tee: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // red skirt: Loft, similar, similar // leopard wedge sandals: Sam Edelman, similar, similar // gold tassel necklace: Forever 21, exact, similar // black sunglasses: C.Wonder, similar, similar

leopard sandals